SelfHelpWorks provides completion certificates for all the courses you've completed. If you take a course more than once, there will be a completion certificate for each time you've taken a course.  

When you complete a course, SelfHelpWorks sends you a Congratulations e-mail.  In the Congratulations e-mail, you can click the link to go directly to the certificate to view and print the certificate.

Don't have the congratulations e-mail?  No worries, you can also access your certificate on the SelfHelpWorks website as follows:

1. While logged into the SelfHelpWorks website, click "Account" in the top-right menu

2. From the Account menu drop-down, click "Member Profile" option

3. On the Member Profile page, click the "Transcripts" button to go to the Transcripts section

Note, in some situations, your web browser may block viewing of the certificate. You may see a pop-up blocked message in the upper right of your web browser. If this is the case, click to enable pop-ups for the SelfHelpWorks website, and then click the view the certificate again.