Our goal for you is to achieve success. Our programs help you change thought processes related to your health through cognitive behavior change. Participants need time to practice and adapt to the behavior training that takes place during each session. For that reason, the system will not allow you to take a session early. Use this time between sessions to review your assignments and practice what you have learned so far. 

The assignments given throughout the course, on a per-session basis, that bring the concepts into the daily lives of participants. These assignments are the most important element of our courses and, when they are completed as instructed, they do precisely what you recommend. In actuality, if a participant takes the courses as intended and as they are instructed, there are no skipped days, there are just days between sessions and video presentations.

When you start your course, the scheduled date for each session appears on your course homepage. This date represents the earliest day each session will be available.  

At the end of each session you will have the opportunity to schedule a reminder to take your next session. The default will be the earliest date and time available. You have the option of setting a later time and date for your next session. Please note, choosing a later date will push all other session dates out.