You can review a completed session to revisit session content you've already gone through.  This is often useful to refresh yourself on topics you've may have forgotten.  To review a session, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the course home page for the course of interest.  For example, click Courses from the top menu, then select the course of interest.  In this example, I've clicked the LivingFree course

2. On the course home page, scroll down until you see the session list.  You will see a session tile for each session in the course.  Sessions that are completed will display the word "(Completed)" underneath the session title on the session tile, and a check mark will display on the right-side of the tile. See example below showing the Introduction and Orientation tiles for LivingFree, both of which are completed:

3. To review, or replay, a session, click the Replay Session link on the bottom-left of the tile (see example below):